Bassinets & Moses Baskets

Bassinets & Moses Baskets

Bassinets & Moses Baskets

Bassinets & Moses Baskets Setting up your nursery is an exciting time for any parent and there are so many decisions to make including whether you want to use a Bassinet or a Moses Basket.

A Bassinet is a great first bed for your precious new baby as they are small enough to have in your room, if you want to have baby in your room, yet they provide baby with their own space and allow them to adjust to being by themselves and settling in a bed

A Moses basket is great as it provides you with a place you can place your baby to sleep during the day when you want them near to you. Perfect for placing the little baby in for nap while visiting friends and family. But remember they are not designed to carry your baby in.

We have a huge range and all the most popular baby bedding brands including Geenny, Trend Lab, Cotton Tail, Lamb & Ivy and more. We have Baby bedding for a girls nursery, a boys nursery, and a neutral nursery. We have bright and bold colors and softer pale pastels and whites.

Don’t forget you can to add a Security Blankie for your baby and a warm Plush Blanket for older baby or toddler.

Add your Swaddle Blankets, Sleepsacks and Baby and Toddler Sleepwear to complete your Baby bedding needs.

Check out our Nursery Ideas to add more finishing touches to your Nursery.

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