Nursery Soft Furnishings

Nursery Soft Furnishings

Nursery Soft Furnishings Curtains, Valances, Fun Throw Pillows, Diaper Change Mat Covers

Add finishing touches and hi-lights to your gorgeous and special nursery with lovely yet practical nursery soft furnishings.

Designing a themed nursery for your baby? Then remember that the theme doesn’t stop at the crib. Expand the look throughout the whole nursery. Enhance your practical blackout drapes with a pretty window Valance or even curtains that match your theme.


Throw Pillows that enhance your theme look great on the Glider, but please don’t use them in your young baby’s crib. As your toddler grows they will like the plush throw pillows on their beds and even the kids like these throw pillows.

The diaper change mat will be a fixture in your nursery for some time but why should it look so boring. Make it part of the nursery theme by encasing it in a cover. Not only will it look great but it will be more comfortable for your baby to lie on and easier to clean if accidents happen.

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