Swaddling Blankets

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Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling Blankets and How To Do It

The use of swaddling blankets is a bit of an art form surely an art, & with lots of mothers and fathers something they need to do. Since about four thousand BC the method has been used and handed down all the way to the current times. For all that time it has helped mitigate the level of crying in newborns.

swaddling blankets
swaddling blankets

The idea behind swaddling now to place the baby in a womb like blanket which the baby feels protected. With the blanket the baby tends to feel safer during the night but also keeping them warm enough.

What is great about swaddling is it is breathable so that stops overheating assuming wrapped in the correct way. doesn’t enable for overheating when wrapped appropriately. Many many mothers experience is babies crying is reduced & when there is a noise that may startle, it does not. The chance of SIDS is also reduced when swaddling as the babies are staying on their backs thru the night. Feeding is a great deal easier until they learn to latch on. Reducing unnecessary movements can also help with feeding.

With out a doubt there is lots of good points using swaddling blankets including helping with sleep (parents and baby) reducing the chance of SIDS and more.

Here you will find lots of different types of swaddling blankets. Each item with the softest muslin with chic designs. Let’s be up front – swaddles are just basically cute as well! With the many new swaddle designs, infants may be styling every single time they are used.

Wrapping a swaddling blanket correctly is relatively easy but like anything it must be learnt. As always, if unsure ask your doctor but note there are heaps of how to videos on youtube.com like the below one from Tampa General Hospital, just be careful who posts it.

There are so many kinds of baby blankets these days that you might ask why there is a need to get a swaddling blanket. Swaddling blankets are right up there as necessities with diapers and bottles. How can this single item help your baby get a good night’s sleep?

If you are a new mom, you might not know that babies get disoriented when they come out of your protective womb. They are not used to the new environment, an environment that is not warm and moist. They are suddenly introduced in a world full of unfamiliar sounds and movements. They tend to be surprised with the slightest sounds or the least actions around them. A swaddling blanket is especially designed to give babies a feeling of being secure, similar to the environment inside the womb. It would help minimize their feeling of fright and it would also contain their surprise-reflex. You do not have to worry about getting up every other hour and getting your baby to go back to sleep, after she gets frightened with the sound of the dog barking or a car honking.

Swaddling blankets wrap babies well, giving them a sense of warmth and familiarity. This will definitely help them sleep better for hours, without any disruptions. You might worry about the nursery’s air conditioning as it might make your baby really cold. With this blanket, you are keeping your baby safe and warm. Her whole body is covered which would make her comfortable, giving your baby enough number of hours of sleep. You just have to make sure that you wrap your baby properly so as to give her a comfortable night ahead.

This type of blanket comes in all shapes and sizes to fit your baby’s size. It is not just for newborns. If you want your baby to have just one sleeping position all the time, this blanket would also be able to help you.

If you worry about your baby not getting enough sleep or not having a comfortable sleeping position, it is time to give her a swaddling blanket as this is all she needs. You would never have to worry about sleep disruptions for both you and your baby because this blanket guarantees that your little angel is going to be sleeping safe and sound all night long!

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