Bassinet for Baby

Dream On Me Poppy Traveler Portable Bassinet in Purple and Pink

Bassinet for Baby

Bassinet for Baby

Bassinets for baby – having a new baby is very exciting!

Buying a baby bassinet makes it even more exciting! However, buying one isn’t just about going out and grabbing one. There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing the right one for your baby and this might be a lot to think about.

Bassinet for Baby
Bassinet for Baby

I have narrowed down to 7 easy-to-remember yet very important guidelines to help you think about before buying the best baby bassinet.

1. THINK SAFETY – A pet around the house, a playful toddler, busy family-members, these are but a few things that might knock the it over. Safety is one of the most important factor to consider for your baby. When buying one, think safety. Look for a bassinet that provides lasting comfort and is very sturdy.

2. THINK PORTABILITY – Most baby bassinets today are really portable, some have wheels, some are baskets with handles. Portability is a great feature for busy moms to consider.

3. THINK RELIABILITY – A very reliable and easy way to check the quality is to look for the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) seal. It means that the it is certified and has passed quality and safety testing based on international guidelines.

4. THINK SPACE – A factor to think about before getting a baby bassinet is the area where it’ll be placed. Although most bassinets are portable, there is always that area where it stays for most of the time. Make sure you consider the size of your hallways or the width of the doorways, the portability feature is useless if it can’t even fit the doorway.

5. THINK COMFORT – We all want our little one to get the most comfortable sleep without us worrying about safety, right? When looking out for the best baby bassinet, check its mattress. Make sure it’s soft but not soft enough that the baby will sink his/her weight in. Also, check the size of the mattress, if you can slip a finger in the sides, then it’s too small or too soft, either way it’s a no no. Infant suffocation has been strongly linked to poor mattresses and unsafe bassinets.

6. THINK PRICE – Quality almost always come with the price. Prices range from as low as $80 to $200 or even higher. Balance the price with its comfort-ability and safety features. While some are priced – low and offers better comfort it may have some poor safety features. Always think about safety and comfort whenever you are out looking for baby products.

7. THINK QUALITY – Safety, safety and again safety. As long as it involves your precious little one, always think about safety. When you are out looking for the best one, always check the product’s safety precautions. A bassinet that has wheels MUST have locks, a standing type MUST have sturdy legs and MUST have a leg lock to prevent accidental collapsing, a bassinet that sways MUST have locks. Always check if it has a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association), this would mean that the product has passed International Quality and Safety guidelines.

While these 7 easy-to-remember guidelines may help you in buying the best baby bassinet, there are more resources about it for you around the web. Simply go online and read about baby bassinets.

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