Nursery Changing Tables

Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table with 6 Storage Baskets and Pad

Nursery Changing Tables

Nursery Changing Tables

Nursery Changing Tables – for parents of a newborn baby, getting all the necessary nursery essentials is a top priority to make the baby as comfortable as possible in their new environment. Nursery essentials also make taking care of the baby a bit easier for parents.

nursery changing tables
nursery changing tables

One nursery essential is a diaper changing area. We need to have a flat, stable, comfortable and smooth surface to lay the baby on when we need to change their diapers. Stooping down their crib to change them could be uncomfortable for us, not to mention that we may soon find our backs aching from too much bending down. Babies after all, need diaper changes every so often.

Hence a table for changing. This table is specifically-designed to give parents a good spot to change the baby’s diapers; and the babies, a comfortable place to lie on while being changed.

Choosing a Changing Table

When choosing a change table suitable for our babies, the first thing that we need to check is the safety of the table. It has to be stable and sturdy enough to hold the baby’s weight. A rickety table can be unsafe for the baby especially since they usually wriggle and turn when being changed. Even if we can hold the baby in place, a wobbly table may suddenly give way.

If the table has railings, we have to make sure that they are secured tightly in place. If these are movable railings, there has to be a secure lock that the baby won’t be able to undo once they get a bit older.

If there are drawers for diapers and other change essentials, we also have to make sure that there are safety measures in place such as locks. These will prevent the baby from opening the drawers.

The height of the table comes next. It has to be of a certain height that will be comfortable for us so we won’t have to bend down too low while changing diapers.

Finally, getting a change table that come with safety straps is a good idea. The straps will help keep the baby secured while on the table. Even if they wriggle or do any sudden movements, there is no risk of them falling off.

Babies Changing Pad

Usually, a change table comes with a soft pad to make the table comfortable on the baby’s back. On the other hand, we can also get a separate change pad if we want something more specific.

These pads come in a variety of styles and thickness so we can get what we feel is best for the baby. There are pads that are flat or contoured, water-repellent and even disposable pads.

For those who want only eco-friendly items for their babies, there are likewise change pads that are made from organic materials that reduce risks of allergies, among other things.

Covering the pads with a soft fabric will help keep them clean and we need only to regularly change the sheets instead of washing the pad itself; although it is recommended to at least air the pad every week or so to get rid of smells.

A nursery won’t be complete without a changing table. It creates a good space for you to change your baby’s diaper with ease. You no longer have to worry about your baby rolling away because there are changing tables primarily constructed for safety to avoid unwanted accidents while changing your baby. You have to choose nothing but the best for your baby.

Before buying such a table, make sure that it has a soft pad. Are you having problems when your baby starts to roll away? You might want to purchase a changing table that comes with a strap or belt to secure your baby in place and avoid hassle while changing. Check first if the belt and soft pad are made of fine materials that won’t irritate the baby’s skin.

An ideal changing table is the one that is elevated enough for you to avoid over-bending when changing your baby. Over-bending can lead to back problems and you don’t want that to happen, right? So be sure to check first before buying, or you may end up choosing a table with a wrong height. To be on the safe side, you’d better look for changing tables that can easily be adjusted. It will be more convenient than choosing fixed ones.

When selecting a changing table, make sure that you consider important things like ease of use as well as extra storage. A nursery is a place wherein you need more storage and make important things reachable in an instant. Isn’t it convenient when you can grab the things you need with ease right away? You no longer have to leave your baby alone while getting things from afar because it is all stored inside the table. Setting up a shelf above the table is also a great idea.

You can put things like lotions and powders that you use frequently. It is a good way of making things reachable and at the same time, keeping them away from baby’s hands.

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