Baby Swaddle Blankets

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Baby Swaddle Blankets

Baby Swaddle Blankets

The lofty claims made by manufacturers about their baby swaddle blankets are actually true; swaddling has many great benefits. Swaddle blankets will indeed:

• Calm fussy babies
• Help infants fall sleep faster
• Make them nap better and longer
• Reduce occurrences of colic
• Aid with breastfeeding
• Cut down on the chances of babies scratching their own face or causing eye injuries

Baby Swaddle Blankets
Baby Swaddle Blankets

It is indeed a fact that these kind of blankets can take credit for all these benefits. Just ask any parent familiar with these special blankets. You will hear nothing but approval and praise.

Swaddle blankets are different from ordinary baby covers because they have to recreate the mother’s womb. Therefore, parents need a larger blanket made from a more stretchable and breathable fabric. The blanket has to be larger in size because it has to be folded in a certain way. When babies are swaddled, they are wrapped tightly, only leaving the lower limbs a tiny bit of room to move. Many websites will offer free swaddling instructions, as well as informative videos. The swaddling technique is really simple and will be picked up in no time.

The transition from the womb to the outside world can be quite traumatic for newborns. It can create stress, which in return will keep the baby awake. Swaddle blankets have a calming effect. They give newborns the security they are used to from the time they were in their mother’s womb. Once a baby is used to its new environment, swaddling can be discontinued.

Like most baby accessories, swaddle blankets are available in various sizes, materials and pattern. They can be purchased from offline and online vendors.

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Experts on babies recommend swaddling to any new parent. This technique of wrapping the infants tightly in a special blanket will help the babies fall asleep faster. The little ones will sleep better and longer because they will feel secure, just like they did in their mother’s womb.

Swaddle blankets differ from ordinary baby covers. They are lighter, larger, and made from stretchable, breathable materials. Keeping up with today’s fashion trends, swaddle blankets can be purchased in various attractive colors and patterns. From white stripes and pink polka dots, to airplanes and zoo animals, baby boutiques sell it all.

The reasons why babies love swaddle blankets are plentiful.

1. Babies sleep better – Swaddling encourages longer and deeper sleep periods. This will give the parents more time to nap as well.
2. Newborns are much calmer – Babies wrapped securely in swaddle blankets feel much calmer and relaxed because the transition from the mother’s womb to their new environment is less drastic. They have more time to adapt.
3. Infants feel secure – Their arms tied firmly against their torso, little ones develop a sense of security. They will sleep more peaceful.
4. Less injuries – Babies, who cannot move their arms while they are asleep will not scratch themselves in the face or cause eye injuries.

Parents, ready to try swaddling, should practice on a doll before their baby is born. They should also buy swaddle blankets in different sizes to ensure that they have a cover ready for when their infant starts to grow. Many websites dedicated to new parents and babies offer written swaddling instructions, as well as informative videos.

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Most babies love being wrapped up, or swaddled, in a warm, secure blanket. It gives them the feeling of being back in their mother’s womb.

Wrapping newborns in swaddle blankets has many advantages, some of which you may not be aware of if you are a first-time parent. If that is the case, carefully read the following list of questions and answers. They may be beneficial to you.

Do swaddle blankets help my baby sleep more securely?

Swaddled babies do sleep better, as stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The baby’s limb movements are limited, which will reduce the chances of being disturbed by their own startle reflex.

Will my baby stay warm?

Their body temperature will be regulated. Yet, remember that extra blankets and high room temperatures can be dangerous to the health of your child.

Are swaddle blankets expensive?

The price of a blanket will depend on factors such as its size, and the quality of the materials used. Some vendors may have more overhead than others, driving up the cost as well. In general, these blankets equal the price of ordinary cuddle blankets.

Where can I buy a swaddle blanket?

Blankets made for swaddling can be purchased from retailer specializing in baby accessories, both online and offline. Buying them online will give you a broader selection. Before placing your order, compare prices, shipping and handling fees, as well as return policies.

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