Nursery Blanket

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Nursery Blanket

Nursery Blanket

A nursery blanket is something you will need to take with you when you go to the hospital to have your newborn. The baby blanket needs to be large enough to wrap a baby securely without being cumbersome.

Nursery Blanket
Nursery Blanket

Receiving Baby Blankets

They are often used for receiving new infants at birth. Receiving blankets also can be used as a spread on a surface for a quick diaper change, draped across a baby in a stroller for warmth, used for burping, used for quick layers in baby bedding, or used for privacy to hide a baby while breastfeeding. When selecting a receiving baby blanket, parents will need to remember that babies have extremely sensitive skin. If a blanket feels rough and scratchy to an adult, it’ll feel even more unpleasant for the baby. Some parents also prefer to use natural fibers like untreated cotton, satin, linen, and silk with their babies. For someone who tends to buy organic and use natural products, an unbleached, un-dyed cotton receiving blanket might be a good choice. Baby blankets are such a versatile necessity. We use them for everything, and we still use them as an intermediate layer in the baby’s bed if they get sick.

Swaddling Baby Blankets

In addition to being an ancient tradition; you will need a blanket for swaddling, as it can help calm down the baby. Swaddling the makes them feel secure; like they are still in the womb. Swaddling is only effective for the first couple of weeks after birth. After a month of swaddling, which inhibits movement, it may restrict your baby’s motor development.

How to swaddle a baby

1. Fold one corner of your blanket down. (A receiving blanket works well.) Place your baby within the middle of the fold with their head above the edge.

2. Pull the left side of the blanket snugly across your baby’s chest, ensuring their right arm is wrapped close to their body. Then lift your baby’s left arm and securely tuck the blanket under their body.

Your blanket should be specific to the weather, meaning not too hot and not too cold. It should be large enough so that you have enough fabric to cover the baby easily. It doesn’t matter if the blanket is flannel, cotton, thick or thin. Baby blankets come in different sizes, texture and a whole array of colors. Remember the blanket you choose can be security for your baby for up to 5 or 6 years of life. It would be beneficial to buy a blanket for the car seat and the playpen, as well as the bassinet so there is always one handy to keep them warm and cozy.

Second Contributor

So the time has finally come. Those long 9 months are over and now its time to shop for your newborn. While choosing baby blankets may seem like a very simple thing, most people want the best for their children, so it is not a bad a idea to know more about the differences between products before you buy. One major difference between blankets is the type of fabric that they are made out of. Blankets are made with a variety of different fabrics, and these fabrics all of distinct properties, advantages and disadvantages.

Fleece Blankets

Fleece is a synthetic fabric that is 100% polyester. Fleece is very special because it has a unique design that allows moisture transfer to occur very effectively through the fabric. This helps to keep the moisture evaporating, so that the fabric stays dry and retains its insulation. This also means that you don’t have to sacrifice breathability for warmth – with fleece, you get both. Fleece is also lightweight, stain-resistant, and easy to care for.

Cotton Blankets

Cotton is an affordable fabric made from the seeds of the cotton plant which is breathable, cool and soft. Cotton is very strong and resistant to wear & tear. It is also resistant to heat, so it can be ironed or sterilized without harm. Finally it is extremely absorbent, being able to hold up to 27 times its weight in water at a time, so if it is very hot or cold, you may want to chose a different fabric than cotton.

Flannel Blankets

Flannel is a fabric made with a mixture of cotton and silk thought to be of Welsh origin. Flannels usually have interesting, colorful designs. Because many varieties are made with more cotton than silk, the same advantages and disadvantages of cotton fabric also apply to flannel. Of course, there is no one answer that is correct.

Whatever kind of blanket you chose to buy, you will be making the best choice for you and your baby.

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