Cot Bed Blanket

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Cot Bed Blanket

Cot Bed Blanket

When buying a cot bed blanket there’s an unlimited amount of materials, colors, and sizes to choose from. they’re an excellent gift for expectant parents because they really cannot have too many of them!

cot bed blanket
Cot Bed Blanket

The three most commonly used types are receiving, fleece, or thermal. Receiving blankets are very lightweight and breathable, and they are often used to cover or swaddle a baby. You can usually purchase these in packs of four or five. Thermal or fleece blankets are very warm and are good for using during cold winter months. Plush blankets made of chenille, faux fur or velvet are also good during the cold winter months, or anytime of the year since they are so cuddly and soft.

Little Giraffe baby blankets are especially cute plush blankets that are very luxurious. Sleepsacks are also great “blankets” to use on newborn babies at bedtime. You can buy ones with sleeves, or sleeveless ones, and they zip up so you will not need to worry about your baby pulling their blanket over their face while they’re sleeping. An important thing to think about when shopping for blankets for your baby is purchasing ones that are durable and easy to clean.

Newborns will probably spit up on their blankets at least twice a day, and around the age of one year a child has usually formed an attachment to a specific blanket, so they are dragging their “blankie” around with them wherever they go. So you want to make sure that the blankets you get are machine washable, and durable enough to hold up through all the washing. Blankets can also be used to decorate your child’s nursery. Hanging a quilt on the wall, or purchasing a blanket that goes with the decor of the room and draping it over a chair is a nice touch.

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The crunch of autumn leaves under our feet will soon give-way to the crunch of ice and snow as the cold winter months are fast approaching. As you pull out your winter jackets and pour dry gas into your tank, you must also think about getting baby ready for winter. Here are some tips:

Around the House:

· Remember that heat rises and that your baby spends most of his/her time on the floor. Make sure that baby is always warmly dressed and has their feet covered while in the house.

· Cover heaters so that baby cannot come into contact with their surfaces. Make sure that infants and young children are always supervised when in the room with a natural heat source such as a fireplace or wood or coal burning stove.

· Make sure you have a towel ready to keep your baby warm and dry after the bath. Change them into their pajamas as soon as they are dry and diapered.

· Avoid using heavy loose blankets in your baby’s crib as this is hazardous. Instead, invest in a few sleep sacks – wearable blankets -that will keep your baby warm and safe all night long.

· Run a cold water humidifier in your baby’s room while they sleep to maintain moisture in the air.

Going Out:

· Avoid a bulky winter jacket that is hard to fit into the straps of your car seat, infant carrier or stroller. Instead invest in a lined car seat/stroller cover that allows you to control the temperature and keep baby snug without the need for a jacket or extra blankets.

· Always keep baby’s head covered in a hat. Heat escapes through the head – preserve it with a hat. Try to keep a couple on hand because they tend to be able to disappear like a lost sock.

· A remote car starter is a very good idea. Moving baby from a warm house to a warm car is a lot more comfortable than waiting for the car to warm up as you drive.

· Remember to remove some layers when going from outside to inside for any length of time. Take off baby’s hat when in the mall or grocery store and pull back the heavy car seat/stroller cover so that your baby doesn’t overheat.

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