Baby Crib Bedding

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Baby Crib Bedding

Baby Crib Bedding

What an exciting time it can be as you plan all the details as you prepare this exciting and amazing event like baby crib bedding. One of the most essential part of any nursery is the crib, including the bedding you will use in your new babies crib. Baby bedding is not only used to be cute, but also and most importantly it serves as comfort and safety of your baby.

baby crib bedding
baby crib bedding

Several pieces go together to make up the baby bedding you will use every day when your little one arrives. Safety is of the key when you choose bedding and you want to ensure that whatever you buy is labeled with tags that state it is flame retardant. Here are some of the main items you will be using for your baby when your new little one is ready to come home with you from the hospital.

Mattress Cover: Covering the crib mattress is essential to protecting the mattress from accidental wetness and other times when you need to change bedding and not wet the mattress and avoid stains. It makes the mattress last longer for possible future babies who may come along.

Crib Sheet: A fitted crib sheet will go on top of the cover to safeguard baby in comfort while they are sleeping. They can come in all types of colors and styles. It is good to have at least three sheets to ensure you always have a clean sheet to change if needed on a short notice, such as in the middle of the night.

Bumper: A crib bumper fits around the inside of your baby crib to use as padding against the baby bumping into the rails or poking arms or legs through. A bumper fits around the inside with soft ties or Velcro typically.

Dust Ruffle: This is not a necessity, but makes an enduring look to your baby crib. They can be found to accent colors or complete a theme for a finished look for the crib in total. Often they will they come in crib sets along with a bumper that will match together well.

Blankets: Having one or two blankets is plenty for your little one and you want to make sure that in your quest for snuggling them in, they do not overheat. A newborn swaddled in a blanket is sufficient for sleeping on a regular day. Ensure that a larger blanket does not become a safety issue for newborns. If you have a pretty blanket, hang it on the side of the crib for decoration

Additional items can be purchased if you wish to for baby bedding. One is a type of wedge that many new parents use for propping baby up on their side to sleep. These are soft and plush three dimension wedges that are sturdy enough to support the baby so they do not sleep on their back or stomach. You can also add a crib music system to attach to the crib for soft music while baby is falling asleep as well.

These are the essentials of the bedding that you will need for baby. Have fun choosing the many pieces you will use in your child’s crib and set up the perfect area for your new little one. Check stores or online for great deals and decorating ideas.

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