Baby Blankets, Security Blanket, Blankies and Plush Blankets

All Babies and Toddlers love their favorite blankets. Super Soft, snuggly and comforting. Some have a fun cuddly animal attached while others are just large and snuggly. They are a fun blanket to make bed-time or your baby the best time.
We suggest you always buy more than one snuggly for them as babies and toddlers can loose or damage them and can become very upset when parted from them.
The large snuggly super-soft blanket is also great for tummy time, in the stroller or car, as an extra blanket on an older babies or toddlers bed and of course holding your baby in while cuddling or feeding. As your baby grows older they will also find many used for their favorite super soft cuddly blanket and they will last for years.
All our Blankets also make excellent baby shower gifts and baby birthday presents!! Huge range! Best Prices!