Baby Bathing Products

With the right baby bathing products bath time can be a lovely relaxing time for both baby and parents. This daily is enjoyed by all – your little people (well, almost all) and you – it is both fun & soothing. They can pop bubbles and splash about.

So the process does not have to be rushed and with babies sensitive skin and harsh adult type soaps do not need to be used. Their skins protective barrier has not formed, yet therefore you need to check out carefully what is in the products you put on their skin. So look out for and avoid  methylisothiazolinone,  fragrances, lanolin, sodium lauryl sulfate and formaldehyde – the more research the better.

For the recommended products, look out for example  shea butter, ceramides, coconut oil, aloe and oats. To keep risk to the lowest levels, keep the ingredients down to the lowest level and make sure you know them.

In our range you will see baby washcloth and towels, useful items as travel baby kits, bath tubs, bath seats and so much more.