Baby Bubble Bath

Many like a bubble bath, and that includes a baby bubble bath. At the end of a hectic day, there is nothing like a warm bath with bubbles. Our guess is you might have a glass of wine or a book – they will have toys – but both will enjoy.

They help bond with baby AND get your little one clean. They are an ideal time just before bed, so they are relaxed and warm. Naturally, the shampoo must be kind to skin and avoid allergies. Many suggest not using for newborns as their skin has a barrier so only really needs warm water. So when can they? Usually at one to two months old. A bubble bath is a great experience when they know what they are!

It is often asked how long baby should be in the bath but that can vary a lot according to the babies’ mood UNLESS baby has sensitive skin or eczema and then keep it to ten to fifteen minutes.

Other hints for bath time are do not scrub their skin, use lukewarm water not hot, and pat them dry.

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