Baby Soaps & Cleansers

So what are the main differences between baby soaps & cleaners and adult soaps? Well, babies tend to have softer and more delicate skins, therefore need a milder soap and cleanser than those that adults use. Generally, babies sweat less and get less dirty than adults. So a mild cleansing agent for baby makes sense.

In comparison with babies, adult skins are rougher, therefore need a strong soap. Then you come to babies ability or willingness to close their eyes at bath time. Given that, a soap that does nor cause tears is great.

Most baby soaps have an element of nourishment which adults skin does not usually need. There are lots of adults out there that use baby soaps, but it has to remembered that it will not do as good a job for them as adult soaps. So it all about the level of cleansing achieved.

The soaps are made from a range of products, so a little research first with your babies age and needs considered  would be useful. Check out and enjoy the range and prices.