Baby Washcloths & Towels

So what are the main differences between a baby washcloths & towels and adult ones? Well the main difference is size – so items that are instantly recognized as babies so can go in their specific was using a gentle skin friendly detergent.

You will end up using more of them than the adult ones, so they will also use up less space in your laundry basket. Baby will of course recognize their items, so will add to the all important routine of bath time.

Generally it is considered that muslin is the best product for the washcloths as that product is soft and will not annoy their skin. However, cotton is also very popular. Both products are very absorbent so after all the fun splashing, drying baby will be comfortable and fast.

Look out for our hooded rodes and hooded towels, which babies love. Look through the range, checking out the great prices!