Baby Nail Care

Baby nail care is all about keeping your little person’s nails trimmed and clean. When they are really little, they do not have much control of what their fingers are doing, so they can both scratch themselves and others (I have personal experience of  my  eye being scratched – both painful and needing antibiotics to fix).

Probably the best time to care for their nails is at bath time – so when cleaning baby, it is time to clean their nails as well. After the clean, there are lots of kit that can be used to keep the nails smooth and short – from simply emery boards or nail files right up to  electric baby nail trimmers and baby nail clippers.

We are often asked when to start cutting your little person’s nails – the consensus is about one month old. They nails are a bit harder at that stage and more likely to do damage. See the stunning prices and note the fast delivery.