Baby Colic & Gas Relief

So you have a gassy baby? Well, this area is about baby colic & gas relief, so just for you! In some cases (hopefully not yours) it is hard to guess who has been crying the most – baby or parents! It can be a helpless feeling if you can’t get a fix for a gassy, fussy baby – even when gas is harmless.

Your little one’s and  tummy is by definition new – so an immature gut needs to get its correct level of microflora and enzymes, no matter what the food they are being fed. Therefore – gas. They get that gas from all sorts of processes such as air swallowing (say when crying or feeding), formula intolerance,  even using a pacifier.

There are lots of suggested things to try – such as good old burping, giving your baby tummy time which can push that gas bubble out, even feeding position – a more upright one can help. There are various options here on this page, such as tried and tested gripe water. Naturally, always check out the ingredients (like avoid alcohol and sugar) and carefully follow the instructions.

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