Baby Thermometers

The baby thermometers can be used by you and me, but using an adult’s one on your little one, not so easy. The babies ones have several baby related features that include a flexible tip and smaller size.

It is usually recommended that you use a digital thermometer – never a mercury one, as digital is accurate and fast unlike the others. It has also been suggested that rectal thermometers are the most accurate for kids under three, but parents are a bit reticent about using them. Make sure it has a big display and a good grip as when coping with a squirming, sometimes wet baby, can be useful.

So what is babies expected temperature? Usually thought to be 36.4C, but that can vary slightly. So, a high temperature? Generally thought to be 38C or above. Before you invest in a thermometer, a rough and ready way to check temperature – are the babies cheeks flushed, do they feel clammy and sweaty and finally touch their back, stomach or forehead – do they feel hotter than normal?

Check out the details of each item and note the great prices.