Baby Pacifiers

Many people have differing opinions over the use of baby pacifiers – the decision is of course yours. Some positives are that if you should have a fussy baby – a pacifier will help sooth them. Giving them something to suck on makes them happier.  If baby needs blood tests or shots, a pacifier will help sooth them after the event.

Not all babies go down to sleep easily, well a pacifier could well help you get them to sleep. Are you going to do air travel? Well, the baby pacifier can help their ears pop with air pressure changes. There are some that believe a pacifier guards against SIDS. Lastly, when the time comes to not need the pacifier, you just throw them away. Weening them off, sucking a thumb, is much harder. Anyway there are up

Some downsides are considered to be – baby could become dependent, so if they fall out at night, there could well be a lot of crying! Some may experience inner ear infections or misaligned teeth in later life.

It has been suggested you avoid starting to use until feeding has been established (say three to four weeks).

So you need to weigh the pluses and minuses, including your own mental health and babies personality. When to stop using? It is generally believed some time between two and for – but note, many babies simply stop on their own.