Baby Nursery

Many ask when is an ideal time to start setting up your baby nursery. Well lots think that the 2nd trimester is the best as it is highly likely you will know whether you are having a baby boy or a baby girl (for things like decor) – and you are most likely to feel physically and mentally able to cope.

So why do people have a separate room as a nursery? Well, you will be amazed how many things your little person accumulates – from changing pads to cribs to clothes, and it just goes on! So your nursery is a sensible place to put all those things.

So where did the word nursery come from? It comes from old French and means a place for a nurse and young children and babies. When do babies tend to move into a nursery? Well there is no exact rule but many move babies there at about 6 months.

So what are some basics for your baby’s nursery? Well naturally the crib, then a changing table, baby monitor, mattresses, sheets, rocking chair. There are lots of different ideas, so check out Slumberstyle for what you need.