Baby Receiving Blankets

Baby receiving blankets are one of those super useful multipurpose things. In basic terms, they are a quite thin blanket that you can often get in a pack or 2 or 4 that you can use for all sorts of purposes when you bring baby home.

You can use for example swaddling baby, the after bath wrap up, a discrete cover-up during outdoor feeding – also you can use for a cover when in the stroller, a changing mat for diaper time, a burp cloth. Other uses are as a play mat can be a lovey – in other words as a security blanket.

As the years go by, you will find you are still hanging onto them, even when the baby is no longer a baby. They can serve simply as a reminder of a short and lovely period of time – or simply now used for something else.

At the hospital, they are simply a blanket that will be used to dry and keep warm newborns. Please note, there are still lots of hospitals out there that use them for swaddling blankets.  It pays to have several as they are multipurpose there will be at least one in the wash, one in the diaper bag, one in use and say one for the stroller.

Enjoy the prices and range!