Crib Bedding Bumpers

So what exactly is a baby bumper and what is it used for? Well it is basically protection that stop babies hitting themselves against the sides of the crib that are hard – or the babies limbs getting caught in the slats. They are decorative and adorable making the babies sleeping area cozy and soft.

The recent changes with their design is an even greater emphasis on safety with  ties that on both the bottom and top and the development of breathable crib bumpers which we have lots of here.

In the present day nurseries our stunning bumpers tend to have solid colors that will enhance the overall look of the room.

So when do you stop using the bumper? Basically the moment baby is old enough to sit up all by themselves – time to remove them as they will use them to attempt at climbing.

Anyway, check out the big range – you are bound to find something that will fit you and baby perfectly. Enjoy the great quality, prices and fast delivery!