Nursery Lamps & Shades

When you are putting together your babies nursery part of the fun is choosing nursery lamps & shades – something you will get a lot of enjoyment from. When you are thinking about decorations, colors, the theme do not forget about lighting!

Choosing has more to do than just something that will be providing light – there is lots to choose from that can be art as well! Think about making a statement – something that speaks to you.

Tying in the colors and theme with the rest of the nursery will be easy / the range available is very big. If you want you can use the lighting more as an accent for the main colors. If you want to go big why not as the rooms focal point?

Now you do not want a harsh light in the nursery but a light that gentle and soft. This can be done with bulbs that are made for this purpose and or buying light fittings with shades that diffuse the light. So you are after something that will be soft on their eyes — never for example use a naked light.

You may want to go with more than one type of light – for example one that is there for the diaper change. Naturally think safety -nothing on the floor, nothing within reach. Lights can get hot and can fall. Thought about a dimmer switch? That way you can have the light just right for babies and your needs all the time.

Please enjoy the range of lights and shades. Great pricing and fast delivery.