Nursery Mobiles

So what are nursery mobiles? Technically they are a dynamic form that moves because of the way it was put together to use the equilibrium principle.

To put it another way they are used in nurseries to stimulate babies eyesight when they are in their cribs. The nursery mobiles hang over the crib.

Some may worry that that stimulation may mean that the baby might not sleep as easily with the movement above their heads but of course crib are associated in the babes head with sleep not play. The ideal situation is the baby relaxes in their crib for a little while before going to sleep. Think of the advantages for you in the morning when your baby wakes up and enjoys the moving mobile for a while (helping with brain development) – NOT immediately waking you up!

Some have found that taking the mobile out meant the baby took longer to sleep! The same sort of logic works with crib toys – they help to settle your boy or girl and when they are sleepy, they sleep!

Any of these toys (like the crib mobile) will be used for a short period given the averages babies attention span! So very quickly they will get bored and sleepy.

Having the appropriate sort of toys in and over their crib means they will not be bored and lonely. Naturally care needs to be taken with any toys in the crib or cots – nothing with that could be a choking hazard i.e. those with small pieces that can come off. Also avoid anything that is soft such as blankets or plush toys so cannot go over the babies mouth and cause suffocation.

Mobiles however are super safe – any doubts have a chat with your doctor.