Nursery Pillows

Nursery pillows (or Baby Pillows) are pillows that are available for babies that are just born and other babies that are still young. The newborn pillows are marketed as a method of stopping development of flat head syndrome – also called plagiocephaly – which the general advise now is the vast majority of babies to get this it resolves itself within a few weeks naturally. Having said that the general medical advise is that baby pillows are safe from one year (check with your doctor).

The basic reason for this one year rule is to avoid the chance of suffocation – some stats suggest that using a pillow before that time increases the change of SIDS by 50%. They really only need a flat surface that is waterproof (for obvious reasons) that is firm. Pillows can mean that heat is retained around the babies head – another risk factor.

But anyway moving on from health advise these are fun and attractive pillows that add a zap to your babies cost or crib. These do not come with pillowcases as they are not recommended at this stage.

Have a look at this useful baby sleeping guide that could you be useful.  You will find a wide array of pillows in various sizes and looks. You are pretty well bound to be able to find something that will suit you and your baby at the right price (most budgets are present here). As always with Slumberstyle you will find great delivery times pricing and quality.