Nursery Window Treatments

Looking for ideas for nursery window treatments? Might as well start with a definition – basically anything that covers or changes a window to make that window and area look more aesthetically pleasing. This ranges from curtains, drapes, valances to a film added directly to the glass and more.

Ok now a nursery is a major part of your home so it needs to fit into that home as well as providing a place where sleep is easy and it is easy and pleasant for you to play and feed as well as fun and safe when your baby gets bigger.

So what do you need to think about? Lets start with colors, naturally looking at your over all color scheme whether that be bright colors or neutrals.  You will find lots of colors to choose from here.

Next look at the aspect of helping your babe to sleek – including dark curtains  which can reduce or block out morning and evening sun – giving the opportunity to sleep longer (and you sleep longer). Curtains and drapes also help should your window areas be letting in drafts or simply to help maintain an even temperature.

Always remember safety – when your little one starts to move about having curtains that reach the ground (or their cords) can be dangerous – for that matter having curtains withing grabbing distances from their cot is not a good idea not mobiles that can now be grabbed.