Nursery Furniture

Getting the nursery ready for babies arrival is no doubt one of the big things to do in the nine months leading up to their arrival. There are so many choices to be made when it comes to decor but it pays to start with the must haves then work onto the nice to haves.

Here is a quick check list for the nursery furniture – starting with the nursery crib.  We start with the crib as it is the focal point of the nursery. The color and style give the lead to the look and feel of the rest of the nursery.

You will find ones that are portable, convertible (ones that can be used for crib, toddler etc) and straight cribs which we have lots and lots of choices.  Next is a good crib mattress which is designed specifically for babies to make sure no suffocation hazards and support them as their bones grow – should be firm.

Now onto furniture for you and baby such as a glider and ottoman set where you can relax and sooth baby to sleep or for feeding. They look great and there are lots of styles and colors as well.

Many go with just a changing table but there are also lots who swear by having a nursery changing  table. They give you more surface area to play with, especially if the nursery is small with not a lot of counter top.  There are lots of other reasons (like safety with raised sides) but another one it is at the correct height – super important is say you have a c-section.

Finally a dresser or chest – storage space is very important for everything from toys to clothes and linen. These items will last for years and years so can be used as they grow bigger. From a safety aspect look for anti-tipping mounts &  draw safety stops.