Cribs & Nursery Beds

When it is time to buy a crib and nursery beds there there are (as there always seem to be at this time) choices to be made. Starting with cribs, well there are several types so here is a brief description – standard cribs which some call fixed cribs which are safe and strong as well as being the traditional type. There are lots of styles and sizes to fit into your decor and usually have one side with hinges that make it easier to get baby out of the crib.

Now convertible cribs (which you will see lots of here) have become more and more popular of recent times as first they are a crib and then become a toddler bed so you get lots of use from this option.

Lastly portable cribs are great if you have say a small apartment i.e. limited space and of course great when you are visiting and travelling generally. They often have wheels and of course pack down nice and small. These days you can even have ones that convert into a back pack!

So what is a toddler bed? Basically a bed  for toddlers to use when they are too big for a crib but not big enough for an adult bed.  With toddler beds there is no exact time for moving them over from a crib – we moved our little one when we found she could escape from the crib and climb back all by herself! Asking around the experience is anything from one and a half to three and a half with the emphasis on closer to three. Size of your not quite so little one can also be a factor.

Note this can be a stressful time for some toddlers as they are moving from an area they have known all their life and for you are that tiny person has started to grow up which is why there are lots of fun and cheerful choices here.