Baby Cribs

Many people start with buying a crib for the nursery first before anything else. The reason is a crib is the focal point of the babies room so the sort of crib – like traditional or modern – and the colors – like neutrals or bright – will give you the lead for the rest of the rooms decor. So what is a crib? Well basically it is a bed that is designed specifically for babies. Your baby will be in to for about two years but there is no exact rule with that.

Now down to the actual types of nursery cribs starting with the standard. These are almost always rectangular and can be intricate or plain – it just depend what you want.

Now convertible cribs are a relatively recent addition to the range – as your baby grow, the cribs uses change. So can be used for your toddler AND your baby. Tend to be more expensive but you will get far more use out of them.

Portable cribs are great as they pack up easily and you can easily move them. If you live visiting and do a lot of travelling – ideal. We found a portable crib and a standard crib was a great combo.

Now those are the main ones but there are heaps of others like mini cribs (which are great for smaller homes), combos of cribs and changing area (once again a great space saver) and more.

Back to style types you will see modern, traditional, eclectic (with a touch of glamour and style), industrial style cribs and more.

Once again please enjoy the highly competitive pricing, great pricing  and fast delivery.