Nursery Changing Table Pads & Covers

So what should you look for in a nursery changing table pads & covers? Lets start with the changing pad, first should be curved to help ensure your little one does not squirm out of the area too easily. Then make sure it is made out of easily washable material for obvious reasons. Next some come with a strap that goes over the babies tummy and another to attach to the furniture.  Please note that those changing pads that are flat and do not have straps are not inherently unsafe – just those that are contoured and have straps help you keep baby that little bit safer. How many should you have? Two is ideal so one can being cleaned whilst the other is in use.

OK, onto changing pad covers or liners. They are to protect the pad as much as possible from messes and accidents – and when soiled can be just popped into the washing machine. Naturally there are lots of pads and covers available here so you can match with your nursery decor. How many covers should you get? Two or three makes sense so when one is in the wash, you have another one or two available.

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