Nursery Changing Tables

So what exactly are nursery changing tables? In short they are a standalone piece of furniture for the nursery whose top is the correct size for a changing pad to sit. They usually come with draws or shelves to store accessories for changing like nappies, nappy pail  and wipes etc.

So they allow you to have all the changing supplies in one place. Although a little bulky they are often recommended not only from a tidiness and easy of use point of view but how they save them from back and knee pain. Even more important if you had a c-section.  They can also be used for bathing (putting the bath on top of the table).

A couple of safety tips – think about attaching the table to a wall so there is no chance of falling over when baby gets bigger and tries to climb up things. Also think of getting a table where you can put things like nappy rash cream out of reach.

Changing straps are a good extra but do not rely on to leave baby alone even for a short period. They might decide that is the moment to get really squirmy!

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