Nursery Chests & Dressers

So what is the difference between nursery chests & dressers you find in the furniture section of a store and the nursery section? Not a lot really. Sometimes the nursery furniture has a thicker laminate on the top to cope with any spills and sometimes the nursery versions have built in anti tipping devises.

Having said that anti tipping devises are easy to find online or at your local hardware store. It should be emphasized that tipping injuries are common so any furniture of this sort needs attaching to a wall. If the chest is going to be on say thick carpet it would also pay to place on a strong base to distribute the weight to the floor – not the top. Doing a test would also be a good idea – put weights in the top draw, pulling it out a long way and see that it stays upright. It is amazing what a 30 pound baby can pull over!

You will see here (still talking safety) draw stops and locks to stop those little fingers getting into where they should not be. A draw stop stops the draw being pulled all the way out. Locks stop fingers being jammed in the draw.

Have a look at the knobs on the dressers – are they a potential choking hazard or aid to mountain climbing?

Anyway, enjoy the choices, great prices and fast delivery.