Nursery Night Lights

Nursery Night Lights

Nursery night lights are super useful both for your baby and for you. Naturally you want a soft light so you can go about activities like changing and feeding without disturbing your babies sleep the rest of the time.

Having said that they are useful for other reasons as well. The first is for little ones who are at least a little afraid of the dark. Allow you to have a quick look at the babe without any disturbance. Sometimes toddlers will wake up and cry if the dark does not allow them to recognize where they are – a nursery night light will solve that.

Fear of the dark (it has a fancy name  nyctophobia) is hugely alleviated with a soft glow – it makes them feel safer and they always know where they are. When they wake up they may even briefly play before going back to sleep.

Because the light is a background ambiance you do not have to switch on a main light therefore not having to disturb baby for that quick check. Naturally you will certainly be getting up in the night, but at least you will not trip up over something you do not see – the soft glow should be enough for that. It also means that you will be able to go back to sleep more easily as the harsh main lights will not be on fully waking up your brain.

You will see that night lights come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your decor and needs. Think abou is waterproofing is needed, a timer and a control for brightness levels.

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