Nursery Rugs

Nursery Rugs

When you want that cozy look and feel you cant get much better than lovely nursery rugs.  Once your baby starts to move about the are highly likely to spend heaps of time crawling and playing with toys. Should you have wooden floors rugs will be a great play surface or should the nursery be carpeted a rug gives an area that can take those spills that will occur.

A nursery rug will last – so not just for the early stages but also when they get bigger. So for a start think size – ideally the bigger the better as you do not want the room to look small. Then look at the colors and patterns that will fit in the rest of the nursery decor. Many go with a neutral color to fit in pretty well anywhere.

There is a good logic for darker colors (or a pattern) so those spots that you just cannot get out will blend rather than show out. As far a wear and tear a rug with a flat weave will last well. A great chance to mix and match!

Naturally think about safety – you do not want a rug that is easy for your babe to trip over and should have something like a cotton back so the rug will not slip about on the floor.

Finally think about the rugs materials. The number one factor is easy to clean as there will be spills and crumbs. There are woolen rugs which are lovely and warm, easy to clean and even resistant to water. Cotton nursery rugs last reasonably well and are very very easy to clean.

Jute rugs last and last but not so friendly to bare feet and harder to remove stains. If you want to see some lovely floor rugs and other types visit the site highlighted.

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