Nursery Sleep Sound Machines

Nursery Sleep Sound Machines

You will find that nursery sleep sound machines are very popular and with good reason. They are used by many parents who firmly believe in their ability to help their little ones sleep. Naturally not all babies need them but if you do they are well worth a try (any doubts as your doctor).

So exactly what are they? They are machines that are creating white noise which is a mix of different pitched of sound. What it does is makes the baby drowsy by creating a Pavlovian reaction, i.e. that noise means sleep. Be careful to read the instruction about how far to place from the crib and how loud to have the machine. You do not want to solve one problem by creating another! Research we have done suggests a 50dB is a maximum (hospitals appear to use that as a maximum) – we do not quite know why some machines exceed that but some do). Having said that our research shows that the level of noise in the womb is 75-85 dB and normal  conversation is often in the 60-65 range. The womb noise is made up of e.g. breathing, digestion, blood flow then noise from outside.

Never put the machine in the crib as that is dangerous at several levels, some machines will play music – keep with the white noise. Many have multiple options, experiment with them to see what works best with your baby. So if you use a sleep sound machine you can raise the noise levels that exist in a babies background it will cover those little background noises that could disrupt their sleep.

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