Portable Cribs

Portable Cribs

Portable cribs are a babies crib that is lightweight and can be packed up into say a car for when you are visiting or on vacation.  Lots of parents have a standard crib and a portable for the flexibility it brings. Some people call them travel cot or travel crib as well as portable crib – all the same thing.

So do you really need on. Well we did quite a bit of overseas travel when she was young and having one meant she had her own lottle bed that she was familiar with everywhere she went.  Sometimes when you travel you see cribs that look like they are on their last legs and even is not old do the meet safety requirements in the USA? Now think about visiting relatives. Wouldn’t it be great going there and when bubs needs a nap they can be put down in a familiar environment and therefor much more likely to sleep.

A portable crib is of course light and easy to put into the car. So when choosing check out the weight. Think about colors and shapes as they come in a big range. There are some that even fold into a bag or even a backpack! Those really really lightweight ones look a bit like a small tent.

Now there are portable cribs that never leave the home – they are potable as have wheels so baby can be exactly where you need them – but the crib can still be packed up if needed. Make sure any portable crib cab fit thru your doors when made up.

Enjoy the range, excellent prices and fast delivery.

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