Toddler Beds

Although there is no exact time when you move your little one from a crib to a toddler bed, it is usually when they are a little too big for their crib anymore but too small for an adult bed.  There are those who move at about one and a half and those at three and a half! When you get down to it the word toddler simply means a child that walks unsteadily on their feet and there is a wide range as to when that happens – any time from 12 to 36 months – so once again no fixed rules.

It can be a period of stress as your toddler is moving from a bed environment that is the only one they have known and you will have worries about their reaction and any safety aspects.

Now the advantages of a toddler bed – the first is that the crib bed mattress will usually fit the toddler bed (many do not know that) so the comfort level does not change for the little one. Next is the bed is almost always lower than the crib making it easy for your little person to get and out. You may find that you can convert some toddler beds to be adult beds when the time is right.

One of the thing that makes toddler beds such run is all the themes that your toddler can enjoy. They can enjoy say a knights in a castle theme, a Disney Princess or Mickey Mouse characters and many more. Note that toddler beds tend to be cheaper than full beds and because the mattress is from the crib no new bedding is needed.

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