Nursery Bassinets

Nursery Bassinets

So what exactly are nursery bassinets? In it’s basic form it is a basket shaped construction that is on legs and they often have casters so can be easily moved. In the USA at least 45% of babies spend their first two months in a bassinet. Using a bassinet means the baby can be moved about easily and be at the mothers bedside for easy feeding and checking.

The babe is moved to a nursery crib before they are able to roll over – which could upset the bassinet. Do not forget nursery bedding sets.

Other advantages of a bassinet is they require very little space (great for a small home) and can be moved about as mum does the things she needs to do about the home and outside it. Lots of bassinets can be fitted into a pram.

If you have a tight budget although a bassinet is hugely useful it is only used for a small number of months so some moms go straight to a crib.

A couple of tips for choosing – look for nice strong durable bassinet, is super easy to move about, has lots of room for stretching out  to sleep. Check the weight limit (babies grow fast) and if the bassinet comes with a mattress.  Look into breath ability so allows good airflow. A little research is always great to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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