Nursery Rocking Chairs

Nursery Rocking Chairs

Nursery rocking chairs have been around for centuries and centuries and continue to be popular to the present day. The basic reason is that the rocking motion is found to be very soothing by babies – and therefore helps for them to go off to sleep.

What to look for in a rocking chair for when you are feeding? Comfort is a very big thing as are wide padded armrests. They are super important so you can rest your arm on them as you feed. Check the height of the back of the chair against your height.  Make sure there is sufficient padding. Avoid anything with sharp points for babies safety.  Does it come with lumbar support, can of course buy separately.

Some suggest getting a foot rest for comfort point of view. Make sure you like it! It will still be a usable chair after no longer needed for baby. Initially you will want the rocking chair to fit into the decor of the nursery. Given that you will find a range from old fashioned to modern with a range of colors.

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