GrowthPic Musical Mobile Baby Crib Mobile with Hanging Rotating Toys and Music Box

GrowthPic Musical Mobile Baby Crib Mobile with Hanging Rotating Toys and Music Box Price: $29.99 (as of 07/05/2021 03:09 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Details



GrowthPic Musical Mobile is designed for bringing joyfulness and wonderment to your little ones’ world. It comforts both moms and babies All the way through the tough time of babies’ growth. For issues, please reach out to the GrowthPic Customer Service Team:    

[email protected]  



1. If the mobile does not spin

Strong power is required for good performance of the product. Please make sure to are the use of brand new or fully charged batteries. If the mobile does not spin whilst the music plays, please either replace with new batteries or twist the mobile rod anti-clockwise for a a couple of seconds whilst keeping the power on. 

2. If the item easily fall

The crib mobile will ONLY drop or fall off when the crib mobile is NOT assembled accurately. Make sure the revolving head is mounted on the rod securely, and the screw cap is then locked on it.

3. If the mobile does not fit the crib  

The crib mobile ONLY locks to a crib of which the square bar is No Wider Than 4.5CM). Please read the product description carefully before the purchase.

4. If the music is repeating

Please try to replace the crib mobile with brand new or fully charged batteries. If it still does not fix the problem, please write to us for a brand spanking new replacement.  

What’s in Box:

Hanging rack x 2

Upper hanger x 1

lower hanger x 1

Music box x 1

Hanging Toys x 5

User Manual x 1

Crib mobile with attractive pendants: the toys on this musical crib mobile can be easily wiped by a wet cloth. The plastic one won’t easily absorb dusst like the stuffed ones. Brightly colored toys provide baby with visual stimulation that furthers cognitive development.
Musical mobile for infant and baby provides multiple choices: 3 music categories with 20 tunes, for up to 20 min of continuous play. Hearing is the first development of the fetus feels, in the newborn period, soft music from crib mobile helps calm babies: cry less and sleep better.
Baby crib mobile could be used at bed time and for play: cradle-song and sounds of nature design for quiet times or nap time. All the way through the time babies enjoy the bright color and adorable shape of hanging toys, the joyful music is in a position to sign up for them and inspiring them.
【This crib mobile only locks to a square bar】 The width of the bar will have to be between 1.7 and 4.5 cm. Remmber to keep the balance of it, and pull down the rope into the groove after located the hanging toys.
GrowthPic crib mobile, a musical crib mobile can grow with your infant: from an infant crib mobile attached to the bed, to a stand-alone music box or 5 toys on your pillow or bed side table. (Please remove 5 rattles when your little one is in a position to pull them.)

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