Momo Bebe Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets – 4 Pack Large 47×47 inch Cotton Swaddles – White Grey Chevron Polka Dot Arrow – Soft Breathable Comfortable Durable – Nursery Shower Gift Set Unisex Neutral

Momo Bebe Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets – 4 Pack Large 47×47 inch Cotton Swaddles – White Grey Chevron Polka Dot Arrow – Soft Breathable Comfortable Durable – Nursery Shower Gift Set Unisex Neutral Price: $23.99 (as of 19/07/2021 07:08 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


Perfectly balanced 100% muslin baby swaddles and CPSC compliant. Here at Momo Bebe we have run the gauntlet of parenthood and we know just how important every facet of your baby’s care is.

We have increased the size of our swaddles to 47×47 inches to ensure our blankets can be used for your baby as they grow even past their toddler stages. Our swaddles are perfect for babies and toddlers of all sizes and can even be used to have those cute chunky babies swaddled up.

We’ve dealt with fussy babies when they get too hot, so we made our swaddles with extra attention to detail in our weave and thickness. Having a breathable fabric is great for baby and for you too since it is less stress knowing your little one is comfortable.

Our color scheme keeps the swaddles gender neutral and unisex so you’ll be able to gift them in a baby shower for baby boy or girl or have them in any nursery with any color scheme.

Our swaddles are also made to be tough. For this reason we put a fold over all our edges and use a running stitch along all lengths and double run stitch on the corners for extra strength.

We also know that when you are out and about baby could need a burp cloth or mommy could need a nursing cover maybe even that emergency diaper. Since the swaddle is so versatile we determined on a pack of 4 so you are never left hanging.

So whether you need to purchase for yourself or as a gift you’ll be able to buy with comfort knowing we offer a 30 day manufacturer money back guarantee. Our goal is to give you and your baby the best swaddle conceivable.


PREMIUM – Momo Bebe Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets; Our muslin swaddles are crafted from only pure 100% cotton; We take the quality of material very seriously and have strict standards on our final weave and thickness for our blankets; In addition our swaddles are certified to CPCS; Consumer Product Commission Safety standards
COMFORT – The comfort in our swaddles comes from a careful balance of our weave; material thread; and swaddle thickness; Our blankets are made with a woven layer design; All our swaddle edges are folded over and secured with a running stitch along all the length and a double run along the corners for extra durability; This combination leads to breathability; comfort and durability which translates into better rest for not only for baby but also for mom and dad
VERSATILE – Unlike most baby products swaddles are multifaceted and can be used in more than a few ways such as nursing covers; burp cloths; playtime blankets; and even used to create a makeshift diaper in those extreme situations; With these multiple uses in mind we determined on our 4 pack to give you that extra backup; In spite of everything is the color scheme which is light gray and a neutral white; These colors make our swaddles unisex so they are able to be the perfect gift for a baby shower
DURABILITY AND SIZE – With the most common baby swaddles being 30×40 or 40×40 with Momo Bebe swaddles we created ours to be 47×47; The last thing anyone caring for a little one needs is to fuss over swaddling or trying to stretch fabric and leave baby too tight so that is why we went to a larger size when creating our swaddles; We also fold over all edges before they are bound by a running stitch with a double stitch on all corners to prevent fraying
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Here at Momo Bebe we take customer satisfaction very seriously; If you have any concern or question we at all times reply within 24hrs and we’ll work with you to meet your satisfaction; Additionally we offer a 30 day money back manufacturer guarantee so you and baby can rest at ease when making your purchase

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