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Why Buy Your Baby Bedding and Nursery Items at Slumberstyle.

Slumberstyle is for busy Moms and Dads who don’t have the time nor energy to go from shop to shop hunting for the right Baby Bedding.   In one place we have best Baby Bedding,  Baby Blankets,  Baby & Toddler Sleepwear, Toddler Bedding and even soft  Plush Toys and cuddly’s items your precious new baby or toddler will need.  Get all your nursery Nursery Ideas and items here as well.  You don’t need to find the time during the day when you can both get to the shop to chose the Crib or Glider and you don’t need to take your kids with you!
At Slumberstyle you shop in comfort whenever you want 24/7 !  Yes, you can even shop in those we small hours of the morning when baby is keeping you awake!

Don’t like the hassle of taking the Toddlers and kids shopping with your when you are buying Crib Bedding and Toddler Bedding then this is the place for you.  Shop online when the kids are all in bed and never been stressed about shopping with kids again.

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Baby Bedding Ideas!

Setting Up Your Nursery

Setting up your baby’s room is thrilling—besides watching that gorgeous bump grow, it’s one of the first “real” things you get to do as parents. Of course, you want it to be great. What it doesn’t have to be, however, is budget-crushing. Here at Slumberstyle, we have hundreds of Baby Bedding, (Crib Bedding) Blankets, Special Plush Toys and Nursery Ideas  that are the Best Prices  and will come together to make your perfect new baby’s nursery.

Part of the enjoyment of decorating a baby’s or toddler’s room comes from choosing the Baby Bedding for it.  The beautiful range of baby bedding sets and individual pieces from Slumberstyle will ensure your baby has a perfect sleep. You can also get your crib mattress and mattress protectors at Slumberstyle.   With a young baby in the house you can never have too many Crib Sheets so make sure you check out our huge range.  We also have Bassinets, Moses Baskets, which are perfect for the first few months.   Check out all our Baby Bedding here!  and check out all our Baby Blankets, Swaddles and Sleepsacks.  

 Nursery Decor Ideas!

Decorating your Nursery

When decorating your Nursery you have to remember that it is your baby’s bedroom but it is also a place you will initially spend a lot of time so you must also find it a practical, useful, pleasant, pretty and even restful place to be. At Slumberstyle, you can get all you décor items from wall décor items to items to organize the room including storage boxes hampers  and changing stations.

Draw the look your nursery together with eye catching decorative items including pillows for your glider,  pretty valances for the window and lovely picture frames to hold pictures of your precious baby. Other useful items for your Nursery are a musical mobile for the cot, which will help to lull your baby to sleep,  night lights so you can check on your baby without waking your baby, bedside lamps so you can read or write in your baby book while you are feeding your baby 0at night.  Don’t forget the changing pad covers which add color while being warm in the winter, cooler in the summer and easy to clean up if there is an accident while changing.  Don’t forget to add the laundry hamper and see the other special items to add the finishing touches to your nursery.   See all our Nursery Ideas and Items!

If you want flowers in your Nursery but don’t want real ones then check out our sister site for gorgeous natural looking Silk Flowers. 

Baby Shower Gift buying made easy. What do you give to the expectant Mom and what do you, as the Mom to be, want.   We have a huge range of items so you will be sure to find the perfect gift at Slumberstyle.  We have practical items such Crib Sheets, Onesies,  Receiving Blankets, Swaddles and Sleepsacks. We have snuggly Security Blankets and the special Plush Toys.  Ther are also lots of great present ideas in our Nursery Ideas, including   Mobiles, Wall Decor, Keepsake Boxes, Picture Frames and more.

Moms. If you have a special preference for presents, maybe you want to complete a baby bedding set, then set up a wish list and then your friends and family can choose a gift from the list

For Baby’s and Toddlers

Baby & Toddler Sleepwear, Toddler Beds and Plush Toys

Slumberstyle also your baby  & toddler sleepwear  so you can shop from the comfort of your home and your toddler can even help to chose they colour and patterns they want  without  the stress of going around all the shops.  We even help to when they transition into the toddler stage with great toddler and kids bedding and Toddlers beds

Don’t forget the very important soft toys and teddy bears that you baby, toddler and even older child will love now and in the years to come.   You can find soft toys here!    

 Here is a couple of Special Tips:  

  1. If your Baby or Toddler has a very special soft toy buy two, or even three the same.  This will mean that if one gets lost or damaged or destroyed you have the replacement one ready and waiting.    You can even alternate the toys so you have time to wash them and all the toys will look the same age. 
  2. If you have older siblings they can feel a bit left out and can get a little jealous as they see the new baby getting al the attention and presents.    Let them help to decorate the  Nursery and they can even sit with you while you check out all the huge range of items here.    Then, when you have decided on what you need for baby, let the sibling(s)  chose a special present or two for themselves.  They may love a Toddler Blanket or a Soft Plush toy to cuddle.